TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement 2024: Know $27.84 & $167 Eligibility, Payment Date

You must be aware about the TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement are circulating and we encountered news reports regarding the legal action initiated by Anne Longfield, the former Children’s Commissioner for England, against the video sharing platform, TikTok. Amidst a wave of data protection violations allegedly carried out by several tech firms, and other industry giants such as Facebook, Oracle, etc. are also confronting significant legal claims for breaching data protection regulations.

In the year 2021, ByteDance, the parent Company of TikTok, reached an agreement to pay $92 million as compensation for settling a class action lawsuit related to biometric data privacy and agreed to pay TikTok Class Action Settlement Per Person Payout between $27.84 and $167.04. The lawsuit claimed that users collected private data, including facial recognition information, without their consent, and used it to determine their age, gender and race. This incident has also impacted 9 million TikTok users, as it revealed the company’s data collection practices. You should check TikTok Class Action Settlement Claim Eligibility and then proceed to file the claim on official website.

TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Rumors about the TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement are circulating prompting us to conduct a thorough research and based upon our fact checking efforts we found that the TikTok class action lawsuit in the United States of America initially pertains to accusations against the app for gathering personal information from users without their consent. This legal case specifically targets users prior to 20 2021. The settlement initially aims to provide affected users with a designated payment amount with a total amount of $92 million as a compensation. Moreover, the lawsuit seeks to address all legal fees and administrative expenses, as well as enforce modifications in data collection.

The plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit settlement claimed that the parent company of TikTok had unlawfully gathered personal data of its users, including contact information, location, and biometric data, in violation of federal laws has refused all the accusations made against them and has opted to finally settle the lawsuit in order to avoid the complexities of a trial. The class action settlement initially aims to cover attorney fees, and other expenses related to the claims, which will only constitute a small portion once all administrative procedures have been properly carried out as per the details available on the official website www.tiktokdataprivacysettlement.com.

TikTok Class Action Settlement Per Person Payout

Claim NameTikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement
Company NameByteDance 
App Name TikTok
Amount $92 Million 
TikTok Class Action Settlement Per Person Payout$27.84 and $167.04
Post Category Finance
Official Websitewww.tiktokdataprivacysettlement.com

TikTok Class Action Settlement Claim Eligibility

The class action lawsuit regarding TikTok’s data privacy focuses on the possibility of eligibility, with sufficient support available for individuals who satisfy the necessary TikTok Class Action Settlement Claim Eligibility as listed below.

  • The individual who had been a resident of the United States of America and had utilized the TikTok application prior to September 2021.
  • Illinois residents who belonged to the subclass and utilized the app to produce videos prior to 30 September 2021 are also entitled to receive six times the payment amount as compared to other TikTok users.
  • Based upon definitions, individuals who have been living in the United States of America are considered as qualified. Nevertheless, there is a significant condition that initially requires everyone to delete the TikTok application before 30 September 2021.

TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Amount 

The TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Amount has been reached at a sum of $92 million, effectively resolving the claims related to the wrongful collection of TikTok user’s data. As per the settlement amount, it is subject to variation based on the monetary fund allocated for the affected users. TikTok has also launched a new privacy breach program, in which they ensure compliance and implementation to additional measures. The settlement amount for the TikTok class action lawsuit has been initiated for all the qualified members. Moreover, this settlement fringes upon Illinois privacy laws, which requires companies to disclose user data to third-party applications. Residents living in Illinois, who were also classified as separate classes, have been offered a higher settlement amount as compared to other qualified US citizens. The court is currently reviewing the case so that they can determine the approval of the settlement and allocate benefits to all the qualified claimants.

TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Payout Dates

In the year 2022, the $92 million settlement was first authorized by the federal district judge in the United States, Mr. John Lee, from the northern district of Illinois. The leading settlement administrator finalized the lawsuit settlement on 26 October 2022, with a deadline for exclusion set for 31 January 2022. The settlement was initially completed on 26 October 2022, and all the recipients who successfully submitted their application form to claim the benefit will have received the lawsuit settlement as of now. Currently, TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Payout Dates are not announced and you should wait for the authorities to announce it. All the qualified individuals who have submitted their claim application to the settlement administrator have been reached out to Regarding the settlement.

TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Fact Check 

Based upon some rumors, we started our search about the TikTok class action lawsuit settlement, and after our efforts of fact, we found that TikTok has finally agreed to provide compensation of $92 million to all the affected users because it was found that TikTok was using the private data of the users without any consent from them. These payments will be provided to only those individuals who submitted an application form after fulfilling the eligibility requirements as per the requirements authorities. It is necessary for everyone to carefully check the details on the official website www.tiktokdataprivacysettlement.com before concluding the details available in this post.

FAQs On TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

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TikTok is currently confronted with a fresh wave of legal actions that accuse the company of breaching privacy rights. There are six separate class action lawsuit settlements which have been filed against TikTok claiming that the app’s utilization of Java script code initially enables it to gather personal data from the users without their consent.

u003cstrongu003eWhere are the details about the TikTok court case located?u003c/strongu003e

All the details related to the TikTok court case can be found on their official online portal at www.tiktokdataprivacysettlement.com.

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